Selecting A Meal Plan

The 2024 - 2025 Meal Plans are designed to provide maximum flexibility, value, and convenience. 

These meal plans include declining balance funds called Discount Dollars that activate deep discounts at retail dining venues. All students living on campus are required to be on a meal plan. Meal plans are purchased per semester.

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Required for all freshmen living in residence halls. 

Available to all students living in residence halls, University apartment and commuter students. 

The myUnlimited Meal Plan will allow for unlimited meal swipes during every scheduled meal period/7 days a week at Indigenous and State Quad dining rooms. Declining balance funds called Discount Dollars are included with the myUnlimited Meal Plan and can be used in Campus Center retail venues where they will activate deep discounts off the menu board pricing. Up to $500 additional Discount Dollars can be added to your myUnlimited Meal Plan each semester.

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All non-freshmen living in residence halls are automatically assigned myFlex Meal Plan #2.

myFlex Meal Plans are also available to University apartment and commuter students.

The myFlex Meal Plan, with five (5) options and the ability to add up to $500 additional Discount Dollars to your plan each semester, was designed so you have the freedom to eat when you want and where you want, with no restrictions at our Campus Center, resident dining rooms, and satellite retail dining locations.

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Available to University apartment and commuter students. 

The myChoice Meal Plan offers University apartment and commuter students the opportunity to explore and experience the benefits, variety and convenience of dining on campus at any Campus Center location, resident dining room, and satellite retail dining location. Unlike the myFlex or myUnlimited plans, the myChoice plan does not allow additional Discount Dollars to be added and only one myChoice Plan can be purchased per semester. 

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Additional Information

Below is information regarding Munch Money (optional plan add-on), Faculty and Staff Dining Plan options, Meal Prices without a plan, Meal Plan Terms & Conditions and other important meal plan information.  If you have any additional questions not answered here please contact us.
Munch Money is optional and does NOT come with a meal plan. Munch Money purchases are not subject to NYS sales tax. You can add Munch Money to purchase tax-free food/beverages at any campus dining location, 518 Market and vending machines. 

Faculty & Staff Dining Plan

Your F/S Dining Plan comes with great discounts!

With your F/S Dining Plan you will:

Enjoy a 10% discount on purchases at the following locations:

Dining Funds Never Expire (while employed at UAlbany)

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You can always add funds to your account

Please Note: Door rate price listed is before tax. Discount Dollar purchases are not taxable. Due to New York State tax codes, meal swipes and/or Discount Dollars that are part of a student meal plan (e.g., myFlex or myChoice, etc.) and Munch Money cannot be used for guests. You may use Podium or credit cards to purchase guest meals.

Fall 2024 - Spring 2025
Door Ratew/ Discount Dollars

Continental Breakfast Price


Breakfast Price


Brunch / Lunch Price


Dinner Price



1844 Restaurant Buffet



UAlbany Dining is happy to provide a kosher meal option for campus diners who keep kosher. We can also accommodate additional dietary restrictions with kosher meals, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free when noted on the pre-order form. Whether you are on a meal plan, or using Discount Dollars or Munch Money, you must first opt-in to the kosher program through UAlbany Auxiliary Services. 

Click here to learn more about UAlbany Dining's Kosher Program and Opt-In

All student meal plans, whether mandatory or voluntary, are tax free and subject to New York State tax laws. Based on these tax codes, meal plans are non-transferable and non-refundable with few exceptions. Meal plans (including Discount Dollars and Munch Money) may never be used to purchase food/beverages for anyone other than the plan owner. 

Anyone suspected of misusing a meal plan will be reported to Community Standards. Repeat offenders will be handled through the student conduct process and may face disciplinary action.

See in detail below Meal Plan Terms & Conditions.