Dining Room/1844 Restaurant Door Rates

For non-meal plan dining.

Please Note: Door rate price listed is before tax. Discount Dollar purchases are not taxable. Due to New York State tax codes, meal swipes and/or Discount Dollars that are part of a student meal plan (e.g., myUnlimited Plan, myFlex or myChoice, etc.) and Munch Money cannot be used for guests. You may use Podium, credit cards or cash to purchase guest meals.

*NEW Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 Prices
Door Ratew/ Discount Dollars

Continental Breakfast Cash Price


Breakfast Cash Price


Brunch / Lunch Cash Price


Dinner Cash Price


Kosher Meal Upcharge at Indian Quad 



1844 Restaurant Soup & Salad To-Go



1844 Restaurant Buffet